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PCAP World News

New PCAP Activities:
PCAP members are trying to start PCAP chapters in several countries from reports coming from various places.
PCAP is in the process of being registered in Portugal, Australia and Cebu, Philippines.
The PCAP Global Coordinator continued touring various countries in an attempt to mobilize and inspire more people to join the movement. His visits since January have been to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.
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Rabbits at AMSAI sanctuary, Togo


The objectives of PCAP  cover a large spectrum of ecology issues such as: afforestation, environmental education, vegetarianism, eco-tourism, biodiversity protection, organic gardens, rural eco-communities and protection of indigenous forest dwellers. In our Resource section we are listing some links to other organizations in related fields.

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About PCAP

PCAP (pronounced "pee-cap") is an acronym for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Plants. PCAP was founded in 1977 by the visionary-philosopher,  P.R. Sarkar.
In 1982, Sarkar's book on Neohumanism laid the philosophical and inspirational basis for the implementation of the objectives of PCAP.

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PASAKA a garden for the Development of All Living Beings

PASAKA’, which stands for Parivesh Samvardhana Ka’nana or the “Garden for the Development of All Living Beings”, was started by P.R. Sarkar in 1988. Managed by PCAP, PASAKA’ was started as a refuge and sanctuary for rare and endangered plants and animals and as an environmental legacy for the once extensive forests and unique wildlife that covered the Indian subcontinent.

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